Adding money to your CHIMP Account

A CHIMP Account is like an online bank account for charity that empowers you to be thoughtful and purposeful about the causes you're supporting. When you deposit money into your account, you receive a tax receipt immediately and the funds can be given away or simply saved to give when you're inspired. If you don't have a free account, you can sign up for one here

Adding money to your account

  1. Log in to your CHIMP Account
  2. Click Give at the top of your account. 
  3. Click Add in the drop-down menu. 
  4. Enter the amount you'd like to add to your account.
  5. If applicable, select the account to which you’d like to add money.
  6. Select a credit card to be used for payment.
  7. Click the blue Continue button at the bottom of the page.

  8. Review your donation on the confirmation page and click the blue Add Money button to finalize your donation. 


The funds added will be reflected in your account balance immediately. Money added to your account remains in your account until you give it away. 

Common questions

Are there fees when I add money to my CHIMP Account?

You are not charged any fees when you add money to your account. Fees are charged when money is sent to a charity. We recover the fees we pay to process the money you give through CHIMP. Get more details on  fees.

Why is adding money called a donation?

When you add money to your CHIMP Account, you're actually donating it to CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada). The Charitable Impact Foundation is a registered public foundation, and it holds your money until you want to give it. When you give money from your account, you are advising the foundation how to allocate a portion of the money in your CHIMP Account. This is why you get a tax receipt from the Charitable Impact Foundation when you add money and not from the charity you give money to.

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