Getting started with a CHIMP Account

Your CHIMP Account is an online bank account just for charity.

With CHIMP, you can deposit money into your account any time you want. When you’re ready to give the money away, you can gift it to any charity (or charities) in Canada, to a friend or family member on CHIMP, or to a Giving Group or fundraising campaign.

Sign up

Signing up for an account is free and only takes a couple minutes. As soon as you’ve signed up for an account, watch your inbox for a verification email.

Add money

Deposit money into your account when you’re inspired to give. Make a deposit into your account any time you want, or set up an automatic monthly donation.


You can also give directly to a charity, Giving Group, or Campaign on CHIMP without making a deposit into your account first.

Search and give

Find causes and charities that match your values and interests. Search results will display whether it's a charity, Giving Group, or Campaign. 

Giving is simple on CHIMP. You can give to a  charity, Giving Group, Campaign or to your family, friends, and network

Tax receipts

Never lose a tax receipt again! All  tax receipts for donations made with your CHIMP Account will be available for you to download at any time. 

Other resources

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