Starting and editing your Giving Group

Starting a Giving Group is free and allows you to pool or raise money together with other people for the charities of your choice. 

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Getting started

Starting an individual Giving Group

  1. Log in to your CHIMP Account. If you don't have a CHIMP Account yet, you can sign up for a free account. 
  2. Go to the Start a Giving Group page. 

Starting a Campaign Giving Group

To start a Giving Group under a Campaign, go to the Campaign page and click the green Start A Fundraising Page button.

Editing your Giving Group

You can also make changes to your Giving Group whenever you'd like.

  1. Click Edit Group at the top of your Giving Group.
  2. Click to expand the section you want to edit.
  3. Make your edits and click Save Changes


Basic Settings

Group Name

Changing your group name will also change your Giving Group’s URL.


You can choose whether you want your Giving Group to be private or public. A private Giving Group is closed to everyone except group members, and you have to be invited by an administrator to join it. Anyone can join a public Giving Group, and all members can share a link to the group page through their social media networks.

Recurring Monthly Gifts

Checking off the Recurring Gifts box will enable supports to schedule a monthly gift to your group. For more information, see here

Giving Group Description

There is a 300 character (not word) limit for this section.

About The Group

What’s the Group’s Purpose?

Expand on your group description. This will help people decide whether to give you their support. Make it inspiring and passionate.

How can People Help?

Describe the different ways people can help. Do you want them to give money, come to an event, tell their friends, or something else? Studies show that clearly asking for what you want will make you more likely to get it.

About the Group’s Organizers?

Introduce yourself, any other organizers, and your backgrounds. Folks will contribute when they trust the people behind the group. Keep it short and personal!

Pics and Video

Group Picture

Upload a logo or photo that represents your group. Find out more about the proper dimensions  here

Charities and Goals

Charities the Group will Support

You can list up to five charities you plan on supporting in your Giving Group. You can change these at any time and you can send money raised to more than five charities as well. 

Create a Group Goal

Setting a group goal gives you a target to reach for. You can always change your goal at any time. 

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