Why is there a charge on my credit card?

Why are you charging me?

Someone (hopefully you!) used your credit card to make a donation using CHIMP. We work with charities, fundraisers, and communities to facilitate gifts to all Canadian charities. 

Doesn't ring a bell? 

You may have recently made a donation to a fundraiser using CHIMP to process donations. Otherwise, you may want to ask other people who have access to your credit card (family members, joint account holders, etc). 

What is CHIMP?

Chimp.net is the website for CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation. You can use CHIMP to give to and fundraise for any Canadian registered charity of your choice.

What is CHIMP Foundation?

CHIMP Foundation is a registered charitable foundation based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can I get a tax receipt for the charges?

All donations made through CHIMP are tax receipted immediately by CHIMP Foundation. See our tax receipts page to find out how to access yours. 


Drop us an email at hello@chimp.net or call us at 1-877-531-0580 and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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