CHIMP is the most affordable way to give online in Canada. We believe giving should be cost-effective and we aim to be upfront about the costs of giving to charity. Here are some of the most common questions, along with our answers.

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Is there a cost to signing up for CHIMP?

Signing up for a CHIMP Account is free! There are also no costs to signing up for a Company Account, claiming your charity’s profile page, or starting a Giving Group.  

What fees are deducted from donations?

CHIMP does not charge an administrative fee on your gifts. CHIMP only recovers third-party processing fees that are charged to us by banks and credit card companies. We do not determine these fees but we do pass them on.

Because we’re able to take advantage of cost efficiencies based on a large volume of transactions, our recovery fees are lower than those of most Canadian charities and other third-party donation platforms. Our fees page breaks down the respective costs for these transactions.

When are fees deducted?

Fees are deducted when the donor, Giving Group or Campaign sends the gift to the charity. In other words, when an individual adds money to their CHIMP Account, or gives money to a Giving Group or Campaign, fees are not deducted at that time. They are only deducted when those gifts are sent from CHIMP to the charity.

I added money to my CHIMP Account. What will the fee be if I give a portion to charity now and a portion later?

When you add money into your CHIMP Account, your gift is tagged with the associated fee. The fee amount is then deducted in proportion to the gift that you are giving.

Credit card example:

If you added $500 to your account by credit card, a $14 fee would be associated with this donation. If you then gave $250 to charity (half of the $500 donation), half of your fee total would travel with your gift ($7).

Covering fees

Can I cover fees when I give to charity?

Yes! If you have an existing balance in your CHIMP Account and give directly to a charity’s profile page, you will have the opportunity to cover fees so that the charity receives the full amount of your intended gift. You will see the option to cover fees below the Amount field.

If you don’t have a CHIMP Account or don’t have a balance in your account, you will not have the option to cover fees for the charity.

Can I cover fees for gifts to Giving Groups and Campaigns?

The option to cover fees is not available when you give to a Giving Group or Campaign. If you want the Giving Group or Campaign to receive the full amount of your intended gift, we recommend topping up your gift accordingly (see our fees page).

The Giving Group or Campaign administrator will have the option to cover fees when they send the money raised to charity. 

For charity, Giving Group, and Campaign Admins

Do gifts from the donation button incur fees?

Yes. Donations processed through the donation button incur the same third-party processing fees as above.

Can donors cover fees using the donation button?

No. If someone would like to cover fees to a charity, they will need a CHIMP Account to do that. 

I’ve done the math and the fees aren’t exactly 2.8%. Why?

Fees are determined by the payment method of the donor as there are different processing fees on credit cards and cheques (see our fees page). Fees are added together and then deducted when funds are transferred to charity on CHIMP.


Donation Amount Payment Type Fee Amount
Donor A $100 Credit Card $2.80
Donor B $2,000 Cheque $0
Donor C $500 Credit Card $14
Total $2,600

In this example, there will be $16.80 in total fees deducted. This amounts to 0.65% on the $2,600 raised. 

Charitable Investment Account fees

CHIMP Foundation charges a small fee determined by the asset balance of your Charitable Investment Account.

The CHIMP fee is charged in addition to the investment management fee charged by your financial advisor. Both fees are deducted directly from your Charitable Investment Account.

Fees do not impact your tax receipt. The value of your receipt is determined by the fair market value of the assets at the time of donation.

First $1,000,000
Assets above first $1,000,000*

*The CHIMP fee is capped at a maximum of $15,000 annually per Charitable Investment Account, regardless of account balance. 

CHIMP does not charge a transaction fee on the money you give from your CHIMP Account. You can learn more at chimp.net/fees.

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