What if the charity I want to give to isn't listed on CHIMP?

If you want to give money to an organization that's not listed, it almost certainly means that the organization is not a charity registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). We synchronize our charity database with the CRA every month in order to incorporate newly registered charities and get rid of organizations that have lost their charitable status. However, qualified donees (such as school districts or sports associations) may not appear on the site but are eligible to receive donations made through CHIMP. 

If you believe the organization you want to give money to is a registered charity or qualified donee and should be listed on CHIMP, please email  support@chimp.net, and we'll take a look.

Alternatively, maybe you're looking for a non-profit? Non-profit organizations don't have charitable status, so we can't disburse funds to them.

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