Direct deposits

Setting up direct deposits is the fastest way for charities to receive funds from CHIMP.

  1. Click Direct Deposits at the top of your CHIMP Charity Account. 
  2. Enter your charity’s banking information. 
  3. Click Save.
  4. Complete this direct deposit verification form and attach your void cheque (please see note below regarding authorized representative). 
  5. Take a photocopy of valid government-issued ID belonging to the authorized representative. Acceptable valid identification includes: passport, driver's license, and government-issued identification card. 
  6. Email or mail us your form, void cheque, and photocopied ID.

CHIMP Foundation 
Attn: Disbursement Services 
Suite 1250 - 1500 West Georgia Street 
Vancouver, BC 
V6G 2Z6 Canada

Note about the authorized representative:

The authorized representative must be a director/trustee listed in the charity's T3010 information publicly available on the CRA website

Note about void cheques:

For security purposes, CHIMP cannot accept void cheques with hand-written addresses. 

In the absence of a cheque that contains a printed mailing address, please reach out to your financial institution for a direct deposit or account verification form.

Note about activating direct deposit:

Direct deposit will only be activated once we receive your form and void cheque to verify your banking information.

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